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Minis 7U & 8U

Our Minis program provides structured training led by licensed coaches. Emphasizing individual development and preparation for Academy soccer, this program refines technique, builds confidence, and accelerates soccer understanding through best practices and ball mastery. Players should have a strong interest in pursuing competitive soccer as the program serves as a crucial preparation before entering the Academy program.

Union 10 FC BC Minis pre-academy


Fall 2024


Aug 0 – Nov 00*


Trione Sports Complex

Birth years

2016 & 2017


6 & 7 years old



*Dates subject to change.


Our Minis program is a crucial bridge before entering into the Academy programs for children ages 6-7. Led by licensed coaches, this program is designed to provide young players with a holistic and structured soccer journey.


The 10-week season offers sustained development through training sessions twice a week. Our focus extends beyond routine drills; we aim to refine individual techniques, instill confidence, and nurture an understanding of the game through age-appropriate practices and ball mastery. These training sessions serve as a foundation for the players’ upcoming transition into the academy program.


Games are 4v4 with an emphasis on skill application and decision-making rather than results. This deliberate choice allows players to implement what they’ve learned in practice and fosters a healthy approach to competition, creating an environment where growth and learning take precedence over the score.


The program underscores the commitment to long-term player development. This commitment is a key factor in ensuring the success of both training sessions and games, as players prepare for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the academy program.


A Union 10 FC Baldwin County training top will be issued to players shortly after the initial practices begin.


Players need to have the following equipment for the season:

• Soccer Cleats

• Soccer Ball (Use this guide for the appropriate size needed)

• Shin Guards

• Water Bottle

• Black Soccer Shorts for training and games

• Soccer Socks, for training, to be worn over shin guards

Cost includes registration, insurance, training top, team jersey, and coaching.

Player pathway

For soccer and for life

From building the foundations of a love for the game to fostering essential skills, our dedicated coaches guide young athletes at every stage. At each level, players will compete in appropriate league play and tournaments. Through goal-oriented training and competitive matches, players are inspired to achieve milestones, propelling them forward. As part of a tight-knit community, they develop confidence and resilience, becoming shining stars both in soccer and beyond.

Spring 2024 Schedules

Birth Year 2016 and 2017

Four-Leaf Clover Cup

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