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Common questions we hear

If you have concerns, here are some frequently asked questions and answers to clarify things.

All three are considered part of the Academy family and are overseen by the Academy Director. They receive training from a licensed coach twice a week and have access to our suite of extra training programs. The primary different is the level of competition these teams compete – Classic play in the city recreation league, while Black and Gold play a more ‘travel’ style schedule against other club academy teams.

Classic fees are $410. Black and Gold fees are $685. We do not want cost to be a primary factor for kids not playing so payment plans are available if needed. Please contact us if you need to discuss financial details.

Yes, Open House is our try-out weeks. We hold Open House twice a year at the conclusion of each season in preparation for the following season. It is important to know that current players are continually assessed by coaches and directors across the season and so for them Open House should not be seen as a one-and-done assessment and placement.

During Open House our coaching staff will assess players across core skills and then place them in a team we feel is the best fit for them and where they will be challenged appropriately. It is common for players to move teams across their time in the Academy. All kids develop at different rates.

Your coach will connect with you prior to the start of the season. After consulting with their team manager, they will schedule team practices for two times per week and provide a map of where your team will practice within the fields at Trione Sports Complex.


Our optional training options, which are open and encouraged to all Academy and Classic players are as follows: Movement Monday – 5PM, Technical Tuesday – 6PM, World Cup Wednesday – 6PM, Girls Only Skill Center (Thurs.) – 6PM

An introductory email will be sent by your coach prior to the season. In that email will be a link to join a group messaging system. This system will be used by your coach and team manager to share all important dates, events, and information throughout the year.


You can also expect emails from the club registrar, academy director and director of coaching throughout the season.

A team manager is a parent of a player on the team who helps provide updates to all team parents. These updates can include practice cancellations, event dates and times, schedule changes, and club events, communicated via the preferred messaging platform (GroupMe, Team Reach, etc.) assigned by the coach. The team manager is a volunteer role, so please be respectful and patient as they fulfill this responsibility.

Our Classic teams will play a full schedule in the Daphne Recreation League. They may also have opportunities to play friendlies with Academy teams and other local clubs.


Black and Gold teams will play in the Alabama Across Borders League, SNAP Play Dates, and two tournament, as well as possible friendly games. Teams will play approximately 20-25 games per season.


More information about leagues can be found in the footer of the website or upon request.

U9 and U10 teams will play 7v7 matches, while U11 and U12 teams will play 9v9 matches.


7v7 games are usually 50 mins long consisting of two 25 minute halves and 9v9 games are 60 minutes with two 30 minute halves.


In 7v7 games it is common to have a ‘build out line’ in play where teams must drop back behind a designated line when the opposition has a goal kick. Also for 7v7, goalkeepers may be restricted from punting the ball depending on the competition.


All Academy and Classic age teams will be restricted from heading the ball as is the requirement of the U.S. Soccer Federation.

All players, Classic and Academy, will need to purchase game uniforms through If you are a new player or need to order a uniform, the club registrar will send a link and directions by email after your child has been registered. It is important that you follow the instructions in the email and order your uniforms at least a month before the season begins as processing times can vary.


When listed as the home team, we will wear white, when listed as the away team we will wear black. Always bring both sets of uniform colors to all games should there be an issue with scheduling or kits.


A training shirt will be provided to the player and can be collected from the concession stand at Trione Sports Complex. New tops are printed for the 24/25 season, so training tops will be available as soon as possible.

Classic teams will play a full schedule in the Daphne Recreation League and all games will be at Trione Sports Complex.

Gold and Black teams will have approximately 4-6 travel days or weekends. Destinations to be expected include Fairhope, Foley or Auburn, Alabama; Gulfport, Mississippi; Pensacola or Destin, Florida. One event a little further away is not out of the question but we try to keep events within a 2-3 hour drive with only 1-2 event weekends where a hotel stay will be required. We host many of our games and events at Trione.

That’s great! It is positing that the team and the families are having a good season and want to play more games. However we have a belief at our club that two tournaments is an appropriate number for our Academy aged players. Tournaments can often lead to a win-at-all-costs style of play that we feel is not always the most conductive to Academy player development. Please speak to your coach about the possibility of additional friendly matches.

We believe that development and enjoyment requires the active and focused effort of three people – player, coach, and parent. All are crucial in the enjoyment of the experience and in the development process.

Research suggests a positive and encouraging sideline focused on player learning and fun as much more beneficial than a negative sideline focused on score-lines, refereeing, or trophies.

The coaching staff also ask you to kindly allow the coaching points to come from the coaches sideline. ‘Cheering, rather than steering’ is encouraged as this allows the players to make their own decisions on the field – this is the key to players learning the when, where, and how of the sport.

The 24-hour rule is a policy we hold at the club with the aim of protecting, parents, players and coaches from saying things in the heat of the moment. The 24-hour rule requires parents to withhold approaching the coach with any feedback or criticism until 24 hours after the final whistle.


Soccer is a sport full of passion and heart! While we encourage this, sometimes emotions can get the best of us and we can say things we do not mean after matches. The children are also usually in earshot of these conversations which is not ideal. Please allow this time for reflection and thought before speaking with coaches or others.

We have a set of core skills that we try and develop in every player across their 4 years of Academy soccer (as well as in the Pre-Academy). These are: first touch, running with the ball, 1v1 attacking, and ball striking (passing, shooting, crossing). We also try and develop the players fundamental movement skill (agility, balance, coordination, and speed) as well as their tactical and game understanding. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we try and teach the players to be respectful, humble, great teammates, and that winning and losing is less important than growth and skill improvement in our Academy.

Great! Our coaches love players who ask great questions and who seek feedback. You should feel comfortable asking your coach for things you can work on or super strengths that you should continue to enhance.


As for documented feedback, our coaches will provide you with a written assessment at the conclusion of the season.


We would also like your feedback! We want to do our best to make sure you are having a great experience. Look out for mid-season surveys sent each season.

Your first point of contact should be your team coach and team manager. If you have further questions or concerns then we also have our club registrar, academy director and director of coaching who will be happy to speak with you.


We understand issues arise throughout the season and all will work with you to find solutions and do our best to help you and your child have a positive experience and season.

There are a couple of options for players in the U13-U19 age group.


Union 10 FC Baldwin County gives players the opportunity to continue their soccer journey with training and competition by playing at a state level, competing in the Alabama Soccer Association State League.


There is also the opportunity to earn a spot on a ‘top-tier’ team roster which comprises players from Union 10 FC Baldwin County and Union 10 FC Mobile, and play 11v11 soccer in high-level competitions regionally.


Please contact our director of coaching for more information on playing opportunities for player U13+.


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